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Professional Co-op

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Our Mission Statement and The History of Professional Co-op


We are pleased to present an opportunity for the Professional Health Care community to incorporate laboratory blood testing into clinical practice.

Our clientele includes M.D.s’, D.O.s’, Dentists, Chiropractors, Acupuncture Physicians, Nurse Practitioners and Naturopaths - you must be licensed and have the ability to order lab tests in your practice act. It is a great advantage to have access to a major laboratory because of the availability of drawing stations, pricing, and customer service. 


Many progressive practices do not have a high volume of patients or order enough testing to obtain direct access to a major lab. Even with your own account, the prices may be unreasonable and burdensome for your patients.

PCS is a valuable ally in this arena. Our Professional Fee Schedule includes a substantial array of tests. Your practice will not have to deal with daunting paperwork as we make the process painless and simple.

Results for common tests are usually provided 1-3 days after collection. Some of the more specialized tests may take a few days or more. Our Customer Service department is always here to answer any questions or concerns you may have.


We periodically add educational information and videos to our website to increase your knowledge and understanding of laboratory testing. We at PCS look forward to serving your laboratory testing needs. Our co-operative effort is a win-win situation for all those in search of Optimal Health.

Our initial intake requires basic information, including a copy of your professional license, a Privacy Agreement, and our Terms of Service Form. We provide easy to follow, step by step instructions, to ensure smooth incorporation into your practice. All fees are charged to your credit card on file. We do this for each test at the time your results are sent to you, and the total for each patient will appear on your fax cover sheet or e-mail as your receipt. There are no fees to join or maintain service, and no hidden charges of any kind.

PCS members have exclusive access to the member areas of our website. To request access to the PCS Community, email us.

Professional Co-op is a proud sponsor of, a non-profit, peer reviewed website for labortory test information that is maintained through an international effort headed by the American Association for Clinical Chemistry. 



The History of Professional Co-op


In 2000 after several years of offering blood chemistry seminars, the ability to actually order and use blood chemistry became an impasse.  It seemed the major lab providers weren’t much interested in the business chiropractors, acupuncturists, naturopaths and other types of integrative medicine professionals with the ability to order lab tests could generate.  There was a reasonable explanation for this: the types of practice in these disciplines offered more time to the patients, more detailed approach to professional practice and therefore less volume.   The major laboratories could rightfully claim that the lower volume for such practitioners was simply cost-prohibitive to supply representation and management for such accounts. 


There had to be a solution and that solution was the genesis of Professional Co-op.  In the summer of 2000, J. William Beakey, D.O.M., and W. Fred Milton, D.M.D., formed Professional Co-op. We sought out someone in LabCorp management with whom we had a previous chance meeting.  We advanced the idea of grouping many of the smaller practices here in South Florida under one roof for the purpose of getting an account and pricing that was fair and reasonable for all, especially the patient.  After several courses of dialogue and hearing that while LabCorp appreciated the thought of such a venture they cautioned us that the complications and workload produced would be a daunting task.  We nonetheless accepted the challenge, got the go-ahead and soon progressed into a nation-wide service that has opened the doors for all who are appropriately licensed to use laboratory testing. Through our efforts we are able offer both low prices and great service to our member physicians.  The “great service” part of our model is totally and completely dependent on the exceptional quality of our staff. 


Professional Co-op was a completely novel enterprise and we are very proud of our accomplishment.  Trying something new that has never been done before is always a challenge and this is certainly no exception to that rule.  The first years were extremely difficult as we had limited funding, a small core of loyal members, and lots and lots of work to develop the system that overcomes all the obstacles.  We learned to investigate and solve problems behind the scenes, most of the time without fanfare or involvement of the practitioner. The first few years offered no paychecks but lots of satisfaction and incentive to keep moving forward.  Everything we have ever done had to be original because there was no predecessor and the territory came with no instruction manual.  The gratitude we so often hear from our members is proof enough that we have made a very significant contribution to healthcare in America.  Now, with several thousand member physicians, Professional Co-op has become a serious part of the healthcare solution.


We started with literally a handful of tests to offer our members but over time we have added several hundred tests to our offerings.  We earned every price point along the way as our membership and volume increased over the years.  We are proud to say we have never raised prices in our entire history.  Professional Co-op has always done things the right way, never taking shortcuts; never risking what is so valuable to so many.  We have served many professional organizations and now with our 11th anniversary at hand, we stand ready to begin another decade of service with more focus on information helpful to our members. 


Professional Co-op has a clear mission in laboratory testing and we have staunchly adhered to it.  We do not engage in, nor do we benefit from the sale of any type of remedy for issues that arise from laboratory testing.  That, we feel, would be a blatant conflict of interest.  We do, however, work in harmony with some of our countries best nutritional companies, and our motto, “Service with Integrity since 2001” is what we live by.  We look forward to continuing our tradition for many years to come as we realize our vision of making affordable lab testing available to all Americans through their personal physicians. 


Professionals See "Member's Area" for more information.

Note: We cannot draw or ship blood specimens for other companies.

Nearly 2000 Lab Tests Are Available, Including
Comprehensive Panels:

  • Minimal Paperwork - Online Ordering - Timely Results.
  • Drawing Stations Nationwide.
  • Our Original Panels include Opti Chem™, Opti Plus™ & Opti Cardio™
  • Due To Local Laws, We Cannot Provide Service in NY, RI, MA, or NJ.

  • Lowkey Ad Supported - No Cost to PCS Members
  • Convenient ordering of lab tests from any web-enabled device
  • Real-time access to patient results and health records
  • BioStation™ is Cloud based - no costly servers

BioStation™ EHR Demonstration Video

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